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Our HR Policy

Palmet Group of Companies HR Policies based of the Turkish Council of Capital Markets’s Corporate Governance Principals and the company management approach of “each PALMET Worker is a Superior Value”.

Palmet Group HR Department implements contemporary HR programs wich are success based and collateral with company targets, play along with the management team.

Palmet Group HR Department manages all programs targeted to increase business quality and contribute sustainability, related with HR functions of Organizational Developement, HR Planning, Recruitment, Employee Affairs, Performance Appraisel, Compensation and Benefits Management, Personnel Training, Talent Management

  • To bring in well-qualified workforce,
  • To provide proper oppotinites for sustainable development of employees,
  • To stengthen and develope the organizationel structure,
  • To increase motivation and loyalty of employees.

Above are primal purposes of existence of Palmet Group HR Department. We behave proper to HR prosedures, concionable about employee rights and equality of opportunity while we reaching these purposes .

We generate training policies, arrange trainings for increase vocational knowledges and professional compotences of our employees.We exchange views with them each of cases related with the employees. We inform the employees about desicions taken, improvements, and implementations.

Palmet Group of Companies HR Department hires people which are get accross positively, integrate his/her purposes with company targets,open to improvement and developement, costumer focused, dynamic, trusty, satisfactory about professional competiences,have heart in his/her work, respectful, ambitious to success, and targets to keep and improve these employees.

All of Palmet management team and employees ;

Behaves proper to the company ethic code, volunteer to join social responsibility projects,

Works with target of costumer satisfaction and proper to quality standards

Respects to arrangements regarding public health,consumers and environment. Respects and supports international human rights.

Fights with all sorts of corruption including malversation and payola.


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