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  • With the establishment of Palmet Electricity in 2007, it was constituted at the beginning. It is a strategic decision aiming to increase our activities and investments in the Electricity Sector.
  • Based on Natural Gas, it started being constructed by specially being focused on Renewable Energy such as Wind, Sun and Hydro.
  • In order to improve the Electricity Distribution regional privatization opportunities coming, Palmet Electricity has signed a commercial cooperation agreement with Manitoba Hydro – Canada.
  • It has commenced feasibility works for Power Generation in Turkey. Palmet Electricity targets an electricity generation capacity of  500 MW until the end of 2010.
  • The current activities carried out by Palmet Electricity in order to achieve this goal include the following:


  • To work in order to develop the various river Hydro-Power opportunities in Turkey. At present, four Hydro-Electricity Power Generation license applications of Palmet Electricity are in progress in EPDK.

  • To work in order to develop the opportunities related to Geothermal Energy. Turkey possesses the fourth biggest Geothermal resource amount in the World and Palmet Electricity is willing to utilize this renewable energy source.

  • We have determined four potential 50MW Wind Parks and started the Wind Data Analysis process by building two 80-m towers in September 2007. The work will be continued for twelve months and later will start operating in 2008/9 depending on the feasibility.

  • To improve the possibilities in the Natural Gas Fueled Electricity Generation by using our current Natural Gas Sector knowledge and expertise.


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