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PALMET Companies Group, which has been operating since 1984, has stepped into the energy sector with the natural gas line works initiated throughout Turkey in the 90’ies; and with the establishment of  2001 Energy Market Regulatory Board  (EPDK) in 2001, it has formally become one of the first investors of the energy sector, with PALGAZ and  PALEN companies which have obtained the Natural Gas Distribution License Tenders of Gebze and Erzurum cities.

As for today, it is possible to summarize the activities carried out by PALMET ENERGY under the headlines;

  • Inner-city natural gas distribution (Gebze and Erzurum),
  • Natural Gas (LNG) import and wholesale sale,
  • Electricity production,
  • Electricity Trade.

Within the scope of the Wholesale Natural Gas Sale and Spot LNG Import License it obtained from EPDK, by establishing Gazport company, PALMET ENERGY started its activities as from 2009 within the liberal economy constituted in the energy sector inTurkey. Gasline Doğalgaz Toptan Satış A.Ş., which was established subsequent to Gazport company and which obtained its license, commenced its activities as from 2012.

In addition to Delta Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plant at 60 MW power whose construction it completed and put into service in 2009, it is about to finish the construction of Ales Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plant which is the second  Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plant at 62 MW and which is situated within Aydın - Çine OSB (Organized Industrial Zone). On the other hand, it has also obtained the license of Eriç Dam and HES Project that it will establish in the province of Erzincan, and it has speeded up the engineering works. Apart from Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plants and the HES Project, PALMET ENERGY also carries out the works for the projects of Wind Energy Plant and Solar Energy Plant together with the other firms within its structure.

PALMET, which celebrated its 32nd year in 2016, constituted a new partnership structure in Turkey in the same year with the Canadian company Manitoba Hydro International which is a world giant possessing a 5.000 MW hydroelectric plant installed power in order to support the investments in the energy sector. The company which will operate under the title Palmet-Manitoba Hydro International Mühendislik ve Müteahhitlik Ticaret A.Ş. (PMHI A.Ş.) (Palmet-Manitoba Hydro International Engineering and Contractorship Trade Inc. Co) will firstly render planning, feasibility, project design, construction and operation services orientated towards hydroelectric energy investments continued by PALMET ENERGY.

Furthermore, PALMET has established Palport Electric Tic. A.Ş., and with the Electricity Wholesale Sale License it obtained in December 2010, it started the electricity supply in a large customer portfolio from wholesale sale companies to the final consumer.

The Purposes of Palmet Energy Directed Towards the Future:

• To realize long term investments in the Energy Market 

• To give importance to Environmentally Friend Clean Technology usage

• To continue its services with its Educated and Expert personnel

• To expand International Trade and Operations

• To endeavor to make its Operations reach the highest quality standards possible in every direction

• Never to ignore the fact that our most precious assets are our subscribers.

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